To give and receive inspiration, wisdom, guidance. To heal, through self-expression: music, writing, speaking, dance, art. To heal together. To find ourselves. To live our dreams. To create peace. To live Freedom. 

My work as a singer/songwriter goes hand in hand with my role in the Freedom Movement: a worldwide network of organizations, artists and individuals doing revolutionary work in social justice, sustainability, and education. It is a developing model for self-sustainable, self-sufficient, self-reliable living/learning communities where everyone is a teacher and a student, where everyone is encouraged to find their unique gifts and passions, and where we live in harmony with each other and the planet.
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Part of the work we do is offer creative arts therapy, mentoring, and teacher education in schools, detention centers, student groups, etc. To this end, we offer peace circles, peace concerts, song healing workshops and more, for people of all ages. The flyers below outline some of the freedom services we offer. We also provide educational and behavioral consulting to address your school's needs: curriculum development, group building, bullying and restorative justice, and much more.


EVENTS & Youth Programs


FREE HER Rally (Protesting Mass Incarceration of Women & the War on Drugs), Washington D.C.

Medicine Wheel Youth Open Mic, Boston MA

The Hip Hop Transformation Project, Cambridge MA

Peace Concert at UP Academy, Dorchester, Boston MA

Peace Concert at McCormack School with the Louis D. Brown Institute, Dorchester, Boston MA

Peace Concert / Talk at McCormack School, Dorchester Boston MA: with Shalom, and Brian Cartier of Pen.Ink

Peace Circle at Washington Irving School, Boston MA

Storytelling & Song Healing at Cunniff School, Watertown MA

First Fridays Youth Open Mic Featured Performance with Shalom, First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain, Boston MA

AfroFlow Yoga Class with Leslie Salmon-Jones (song chant), Cambridge MA

"Can We Talk?" Roxbury Presbyterian Church Community Event with Rev. Liz Walker (song chants), Boston MA

Mission Hill School, Boston MA

The Winsor School, Domestic Violence Prevention, Boston MA

Start Strong, Domestic Violence Prevention, Boston MA

Boston Arts Academy, Artists as Activists Class, Boston MA

Women's Lunch Place, Boston MA

Unity Day, Cooper Center, Boston MA

Unity Day, Earthlands, Petersham MA

LightSpeed Community Day, Boston MA

It's Bigger Than Hip Hop Summer Party, Boston MA



Our founder Nikomo Peartree was featured on the radio show Sign O' The Times with host Queen Tahiyrah.

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