Over the years, I have used songwriting again and again to help me process some of my most difficult experiences and emotions. As a kid, singing, playing the piano, and songwriting were how I tapped into deep feelings, how I comforted myself, how I expressed myself. It was my way of healing, processing, and releasing. As an adult, I have seen and felt just how much writing has helped me- songwriting, journaling, song chants and meditations- I have used writing and music every day along my healing journey.

We are here to help each other heal. I always felt that I didn't go through my painful experiences just to recover on my own. There had to be a way for my pain to help someone else- help them to cope or to avoid the same mistakes- to learn self-love. I knew from a young age that I wanted to help people to heal, and I always knew music would play a huge part in that.

We can't let our struggles be in vain. We are all in a position to give and receive wisdom, guidance, nurturing and support. 'Let our mess be our message.'

Song Healing is a way to use the power of writing and music as a proactive, intentional tool for healing. Through songwriting, journaling, song chants, and meditations, I have developed a guide for anyone and everyone to use, with me or on their own, as a way to connect to our writing, to our inner voices. It can be applied to any kind of writing- poetry, short stories, free writing, songwriting, any creative writing where you can freely explore your life story, inner feelings and subconscious mind. I offer individual or group sessions, in person or online. We will address key issues: addiction, self-sabotage, self-destruction, childhood wounds, trauma, grief, fear, limiting beliefs, patterns / cycles / habits, depression and anxiety, abuse, and any other healing topics we might want to delve into. I go in depth with my personal experiences, the wisdom I've acquired from others, the words of some of my favorite writers, and my own journaling, chants, songs, meditations and other writing.

We will share tools- emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical, mental.

We will listen to each other's stories, writings, songs.

We will hold space for each other's pain and growth.

We will seek and give advice, guidance, nurturing and support-

from each other, and most importantly from ourselves.

We will meditate, sing, and pray together.

We will help each other along our healing paths, using song and writing as guidance.


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Peace * Blessings * Freedom * Love



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